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Hand Built Vintage Style Tube Amps

Model One
Kalamazoo makes vintage tube amplifiers. Our philosophy is keep the design very simple and avoid adding features which destroy the tone of the amplifier. One of the great things about Kalamazoo amplifiers that people often will say is that "Wow the knobs on my guitar actually do something now!" That is because on many amplifiers there are so many "features" that cause degradation of the tone path that the true tone of the guitar gets lost. The model one amplifier on the right is a 7 watt class A amplifier based on the 12ax7 preamplifier tube and a EL84 power tube. There is a volume knob and a tone knob and that is it. This amplifier also features a Jensen Alnico speaker and hammond output transformer. All of the input output jacks are switchcraft and the caps are orange drop.

Here at Kalamazoo we make amplifers that are servicible and modular at the same time. The model one amplifier has as removable head which fits right inside the speaker cabinet! The power coord stores neatly under the head.

This amplifier is great for harp!

If you are interested in learning more about our amplifiers please email us at info@kalamazooamps.com

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